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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


Avoid duplicating team efforts -- Betaboard can show you if someone is already working on an issue.

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Example workflow

If you're just developing a standardized QA process, we recommend a workflow like this one as a starting point:


    > Browse the product - Tina Tester opens her team's web site in the Betaboard browser.
    > Find an issue - When she finds an issue she thinks her team should address, she clicks the New note button and fills out the note form.
    > Submit a QA note - Since Tina is not a project manager, she doesn't have the option of assigning the note at this point. Instead, she just clicks Submit and the note is queued for her project managers to review.

    > Delegate new issues - The next morning, Manuel Manager checks his new notes and opens Tina's. Since he knows this issue will be important to the client, he increases the priority setting and sends the note to Penelope Programmer. Before clicking Submit, he adds a note to the discussion field advising Penelope to consult with another developer who Manuel knows has worked on similar issues in the past.

    > Request additional information - Penelope notices that a new note has been assigned to her, and opens the note to see what it entails. Unfortunately, she can't repeat the problem by following Tina's instructions, so she requests more information in the Discussion field and sends the note back to Tina.
    > Update the note - Tina re-reads her note, and realizes that she left out an important step in the Steps Required field. She updates that field and returns the note to Penelope.
    > Change the product - Now Penelope can see the issue Tina was describing. After fixing the problem, she sets the note status to In review and sends it back to Manuel.

    > Approve the change - Every afternoon, Manuel sorts his note list by Status to review recent changes his developers have made. When Tina's note comes up, he confirms that Penelope's fix was indeed successful, and sets the note's Status menu to Complete.
    > Review recent changes - At the end of each week, Manuel runs a report of all completed notes to email his client. Since the client can see how hard Manuel's team is working on a wide variety of issues, Manuel enjoys a terrific client relationship!

    > Revisit unresolved issues - When everyone has had a chance to relax after a successful product releaese, Manuel returns to Betaboard to review the lower priority notes that were shelved during the final weeks of development. He uses the remaining notes as a starting point for a new project his organization will be proposing to the client.