Betaboard(tm) Quality Assurance Manager
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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


Tired of asking your testers what browser version they were using when a problem occurred? Betaboard makes developers happy by automatically detecting and logging environment information.

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Betaboard was designed and built by a web development firm to address some of the problems that all software development teams face. We were tired of endlessly making task lists, digging for email messages, or worrying that requests might slip through the cracks, so we built Betaboard to manage all the information we generate during the final stages of a software development project. We liked the results so much that we decided to offer the service to the public!

Specifically, you can count on Betaboard to:

Centralize quality assurance information

Betaboard puts change requests, team member comments, and relevant files all in one place. No more email overload or stickie insanity! And since it's web based, your team members can access their information from any networked computer.

Help prioritize open issues

All the details of a software development project can get overwhelming, so Betaboard offers several ways to categorize and sort notes so you can decide what's really important. At the same time, lower-priority notes are never completely removed, so it's always possible to take a second pass, group issues for a phase two project, or just wait and see which issues will be addressed by energetic team members.

Provide a historical record of development decisions

As your colleagues work, their comments are timestamped and saved in the QA notes, giving you a record of who did what and why. Betaboard also saves discussions about issues you decide not to address, to help you respond to any lingering "what if"s after your project is complete.

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Involve your clients in the development process

We've found that resource allocation decisions are easier to make if we give our clients detailed information about their project status. With Betaboard, clients can get that information just by logging in, saving you from creating an endless series of status documents or typing long email messages. It even offers reports you can run for your clients to summarize outstanding issues.