Betaboard(tm) Quality Assurance Manager
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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


Tired of asking your testers what browser version they were using when a problem occurred? Betaboard makes developers happy by automatically detecting and logging environment information.

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General tips

Now that you've learned how to write effective QA notes, we can suggest some general guidelines for using Betaboard:

Split or combine issues across notes according to how you think your colleagues will address them. For example, if you find four typos on one page, it's probably best to list them all in a single note, since most people will choose to fix them all at once. On the other hand, if you talked to one user who can't register and another who registered but can't log in, create two separate notes, because the problems probably have different causes and might even be addressed by different people on your team.

Use email notifications sparingly to avoid information overload. If you know that a colleague is not checking Betaboard regularly, though, or if you need an immediate clarification on an issue, you can use email notification to alert the recipient that a note is waiting for them.

Save Betaboard for the beta stage of a project, when your team has moved into detail mode. Although you can certainly use Betaboard as a communication and organizational tool in a variety of settings, the broad, initial discussions about project goals and design issues are often better handled in design meetings and product specifications documents.