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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


Tired of asking your testers what browser version they were using when a problem occurred? Betaboard makes developers happy by automatically detecting and logging environment information.

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Betaboard browser

If your projects are web-based, you can review them using the Betaboard browser, a non-intrusive toolbar that gives you full freedom to navigate your site, while providing quick access to common Betaboard tasks. The browser even makes your work easier by recording your browser and platform information, and the page you're currently viewing, whenever you create a new note.

Before you can use the Betaboard browser on your site, you'll have to add a few files to your web server. You can download the latest version of those files right here:

.zip icon version 12/02/10 Zip archive

Once you've downloaded the files, follow these instructions to install them:

  1. Unzip/unstuff the set of files you just downloaded.
  2. Create a new directory called "betaboard" at the root level of your site.
  3. Upload these files to the betaboard directory you just created.
  4. Make sure you've marked this project as a web-based project and listed its URL, start page, and match string on the project setup page.
  5. That's it! Your project will now appear in the project menu on the Betaboard toolbar. You can select it there, or log in at, to use the Betaboard browser.