Betaboard(tm) Quality Assurance Manager
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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


Tired of asking your testers what browser version they were using when a problem occurred? Betaboard makes developers happy by automatically detecting and logging environment information.

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Change log

If you notice something different in Betaboard, or would like to find out what's new, check here for a record of recent changes applied to the application.


Added an FTP Directory option to the Account settings, to upload and download attachments into a particular directory on your FTP server.


Added a column on the Board page to show whether each note is a bug fix or a new idea, along with corresponding filter and sort options.


Added a Secure FTP option to the Account settings, to upload and download attachments using SSH.


Added a Preferences page, available to all users, that allows users to change their own passwords.

Added an option to the Preferences page that allows users to stop the Board page from reloading automatically whenever they save a note.

Added options to the Admin > Users pages that allows administrators to reset a user's password to a random string, and to email the login information to the user.