Betaboard(tm) Quality Assurance Manager
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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


Want to work with your Betaboard data in other applications? Use the All Note Data report to export all your QA notes in tab-delimited format. This feature also provides an easy way to make local backups!

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Design principles

If you find something Betaboard can't do, it might not be a bug! We've found that consistent QA processes tend to break down without a few key limitations, so we built Betaboard to encourage these principles:

  1. Project managers approve and prioritize new QA notes before developers address them. This ensures that at least one person on each project can keep a big picture view, attending to critical issues first while weighing the cost/benefit ratio of smaller issues.
  2. Clients can interact directly with the system, posting notes and monitoring their progress through the development cycle. However, clients can't edit notes once they've been posted, and can't view the ongoing discussions among your team members. (You can override these limitations by increasing user permissions in the admin pages.)
  3. Anyone can remind a team member of an outstanding note with an email notification, but this feature is intentionally limited to avoid overuse. With Betaboard's powerful sorting and filtering functions, nobody needs a mailbox full of reminder notes to stay on top of their work!

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  4. All communication about quality assurance issues takes place within Betaboard. This gives your team a complete record of development, keeps all status information in real time, and eliminates the need to check multiple locations for project news.