Betaboard(tm) Quality Assurance Manager
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Betabord(tm) Quality Assurance Manager


You can allow your team, subcontractors, or stakeholders to access particular projects within your Betaboard account, improving communication between all parties.

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If you need an immediate solution, check this Frequently Asked Questions list to see if your issue has already been addressed:

Q: I created a new user, but that user can't see any notes on the board. Also, that user's project list in the Search area is empty. Why can't my new user access any projects?

A: When creating a user, be sure to assign that user to one or more projects. Assigning a user to a project allows the user to see notes for that project, and allows other users to send notes to that user.

Q: When I select a project from the Browse site... menu and click Go, I receive a file not found error. What's wrong?

A: In order to use the Betaboard browser, you need to install a few files onto the web server of the project you're developing. Please visit the Betaboard browser page for the files and installation instructions.

Q: Can I delete a note?

A: Only project managers (users with "Administer projects" permission) can delete notes. If you're not a project manager and think a note should be deleted, explain why in the Discussion field and send the note to a project manager.

Q: Can I export my data and work with it in other programs?

A: If you're a project manager, you can click the Reports button, then use the All Note Data report to export your database in tab-delimited format. You can then open the exported file in Excel or another database or spreadsheet program.

Q: I asked a question on my scratch pad, but everyone says they didn't see it. Is the scratch pad broken?

A: The scratch pad is for your personal use, and nobody else can see what you enter there. If you need to ask a colleague a question, enter it in the Discussion field of a note.

Q: Whenever I click Refresh in my browser, Betaboard logs me out. How can I use the Refresh button?

A: In most browsers, this is normal behavior for framed sites like Betaboard. Instead of using the browser's Refresh button, use the Refresh button on the Betaboard toolbar. That will refresh only the lower frame and will not log you out.