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Chronolog was designed and built by a web development firm to address some of the problems that all software development teams face. We couldn't waste valuable management time reworking schedules to accommodate every small change, and we needed to view capacity months in advance to gauge our sales efforts. Most importantly, we needed truly reasonable project plans to ensure we'd never miss a deadline. We built Chronolog to plan projects with built-in time flexibility and global reports. We liked the results so much that we decided to offer the service to the public!

Specifically, you can count on Chronolog to:

Centralize scheduling information

Chronolog puts everyone's project work, meetings, and vacations all in one place. No more printouts or emails of new schedules every week! And since it's web based, your team members can access their information from any networked computer.

Avoid unrealistically detailed schedules

Nobody can predict development times exactly; some tasks will take a little more time, and some a little less. While most scheduling tools make you pin down each task and then readjust for every change, Chronolog lets you schedule work across a range of time, so that natural variations can simply cancel each other out.

Manage available time

Multitasking is the rule for most development teams, and it can be hard for the manager of one project to keep track of resource needs for all the other projects. Chronolog shows how much time each team member still has available in a week, so any project manager can find the time they need at a glance.

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Warn you about risky deadlines

When used in conjunction with Macroscope™ Budget Manager, Chronolog will calculate how much time remains on a task and compare that to its due date. It then shows the results for each event on the calendar views, and compiles the results for all upcoming events into a report, which managers can use to see trouble spots at a glance.

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Show company capacity months in advance

Your sales team needs to keep steady work coming in, without overbooking your team, and should be able to give prospective clients a reasonable expectation of delivery times. Chronolog compiles everyone's available time into a single capacity report so you can schedule incoming work appropriately.

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