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Working in a cross-platform environment? Chronolog is 100% web-based, so your account is accessible from any computer that can run a standard web browser!

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Key concepts

Chronolog is organized around a few intuitive concepts:


When you subscribe to Chronolog, we'll create a new account that you can access online at


When your account is ready, you'll add each member of your team to its user list. You can set the hours per week each user will be available, to accommodate part-time staff or to reserve time for unscheduled activity.


Any user can create events, representing anything from a days-long project task to a meeting or personal appointment. For project tasks, you can set a time period during which the work could be completed, as well as an estimate of how long the work will take. For example, you might schedule a 6-hour task over a three-day period to build flexibility into the schedule.

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Event views

Like most calendar tools, Chronolog lets you view events by month, week, or day; it also offers a list view with scheduled vs. available time summaries. The view options let users switch from a familiar calendar layout to a detailed task list as needed.

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Users can organize the events they create into categories, based on projects, departments, or any other useful criteria. And to help make your account the definitive location for schedule information, Chronolog lets users create private categories so they can view personal events on the same calendar as their work-related events.