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Stop wasting paper on schedule printouts! Chronolog provides your team with a real-time schedule for all projects.

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Change log

If you notice something different in Chronolog, or would like to find out what's new, check here for a record of recent changes applied to the application.


Added an iCalendar feed to which you can subscribe from a computer or mobile device. This allows you to view (but not edit) your Chronolog calendars in the iPhone's built-in Calendar app, or any other iCalendar-compatible software. To subscribe, configure your software to connect to the URL webcal:// Or log into Chronolog, click Preferences, and click the iCalendar link. On the preferences page, you can also determine whether your software displays multi-day events and scheduled items found in your Macroscope, Betaboard or Itemize accounts, and reminds you of upcoming events.


Added a Password field on the Preferences page that allows users to change their own passwords.

Added options to the Admin > Users pages that allows administrators to reset a user's password to a random string, and to email the login information to the user.


Updated the event edit page so that if the you set the start and end date and then change the start date to something later than the end date, the end date automatically advances to the start date. This avoids an error message if you forget to change the end date to match the new start date. The start and end times now work similarly, but a start time later than the end time is not overridden if the start and end dates are different (e.g., you can enter a start time of 3:00 pm on one day and an end time of noon the next day).


Added the ability to calculate when tasks imported from Macroscope are behind schedule or overdue. Tasks that are behind schedule will appear on all calendar views with an asterisk, and tasks that are overdue will appear with two asterisks. A summary of the calculation will also appear in the event's tooltip if you hover over it.

Added a report called "Deadline projections per user or project," which lists all the upcoming tasks that were imported from Macroscope.

Added a filter option "Show Macroscope tasks" to the calendar views, to hide or show all the tasks imported from Macroscope.