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Nobody likes a micromanager! By scheduling tasks across a range of time, you can empower your team members to manage their own time within safe parameters.

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If you need an immediate solution, check this Frequently Asked Questions list to see if your issue has already been addressed:

Q: Why don't I see any events in my calendar views?

A: You might have some filters selected that exclude all the events in that view. You can click the View All button to reset the filters and show all available events. You might also be viewing a date range that has no events scheduled. You can click the Today button in the toolbar to jump back to the current date.

Q: Can I export my data and work with it in other programs?

A: At this time, Itemize does not have an export function. If you need an export of your data, please visit our support page and contact us to request it.

Q: Whenever I click Refresh in my browser, Chronolog logs me out. How can I use the Refresh button?

A: In most browsers, this is normal behavior for framed sites like Chronolog. Instead of using the browser's Refresh button, use the Refresh button on the Chronolog toolbar. That will refresh only the lower frame and will not log you out.