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Chronolog can reduce the time you spend scheduling projects by providing a unique, flexible planning approach. See our best practices pages for more information.

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Design principles

If you find something Chronolog can't do, it might not be a bug! We've found that successful scheduling is easier with a few key limitations, so we built Chronolog to encourage these principles:

  1. To use Chronolog's capacity reports, you'll need to set the Reduce Available Time By field for events. Chronolog can't calculate this automatically, because it doesn't assume that the time required to complete an event is the same as the time scheduled for it. Although this adds a couple extra clicks to your event entries, it lets you build flexibility into your schedule and avoid tedious rework when your schedules don't come out exactly as planned.
  2. We didn't want Chronolog to cause information overload, so we built it to not send event reminders by default. If you create an event and want specific users to receive a reminder, you can select them in the Schedule Reminder For list on the Options tab. If you have been invited to an event and would like to receive a reminder for it, you can open the event and select yourself in this list.