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Itemize's developers used the application for their own projects for three years, logging 2000 items to 75 different lists, before releasing it to the public.

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Itemize was designed and built by a web development firm to address some of the problems that all software development teams face. We had lots of ideas for improving our processes, but we couldn't implement them all right away, and couldn't easily keep track of the ones we had implemented. We built Itemize to provide detailed, prioritized to do lists that our whole team could share. We liked the results so much that we decided to offer the service to the public!

Specifically, you can count on Itemize to:

Centralize task lists

Itemize puts lists for team projects, internal processes, and personal initiatives all in one place and lets the whole team view their progress. xxx! And since it's web based, your team members can access their information from any networked computer.

Build detailed process templates

If you're trying to formalize processes for success in your organization, Itemize can be a great tool. Simply create a list for each process, using Itemize's heirarchical structure to show as much detail as you need, and make a copy when you begin a new project. As your process evolves, you can update your master lists to reflect new techniques and lessons learned.

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Remember good ideas for future implementation

As in a good brainstorming session, you don't want to dismiss great ideas from your team simply because you don't immediately have time to implement them. With Itemize, you can capture those ideas and build a long-term list that you can draw from as your schedule allows.