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Itemize comes with free support through a moderated message board. Visit our support pages for more info.

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Key concepts

Itemize is organized around a few intuitive concepts:


When you subscribe to Itemize, we'll create a new account that you can access online at


When your account is ready, you'll add each member of your team to its user list. Any team member can then log in and start creating lists.


When team members create lists, they can designate them as shared or private, and can set detailed permissions for each shared list. The list owner can specify who can view the list, edit the list, or mark list items as completed.

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As you add items to lists, you can set a priority and, if needed, a due date. You can sort items by name, date, or priority, or can manually control the position of items on their lists. You can view items across multiple lists, focus on items from a particular list, or flag a subset of items for immediate attention and hide all the others.

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