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You can treat a list as a template by duplicating it whenever you want to use it for a project.


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If you need an immediate solution, check this Frequently Asked Questions list to see if your issue has already been addressed:

Q: I created a new user, but that user can't see the lists I created. Why not?

A: When you create lists, you can specify who can view or edit them, and you can set default permissions for any users for whom you don't set specific permissions. You can check the permissions on a list by clicking the Lists button in the toolbar, then clicking Share next to the list's name. Look for the user and make sure he or she has at least View permission.

Q: I want to rename an item on one of my lists, but the Edit button isn't there. Why not?

A: The owner of this list might have given you permission to view it or change the status of items, but not to edit the items. If you think an item should be renamed or changed in another way, you can talk to the person who created the list.

Q: I'm editing a list item, but the Priority and Date Due fields aren't there. Why not?

A: This list was created as a Memo rather than a To Do list. If you need the Priority or Date Due fields (and can live with a smaller Notes field), you can click Lists in the toolbar, then click Edit next to the list name, and change the list type from Memo to To Do.

Q: Can I export my data and work with it in other programs?

A: At this time, Itemize does not have an export function. If you need an export of your data, please visit our support page and contact us to request it.

Q: Whenever I click Refresh in my browser, Itemize logs me out. How can I use the Refresh button?

A: In most browsers, this is normal behavior for framed sites like Itemize. Instead of using the browser's Refresh button, use the Refresh button on the Itemize toolbar. That will refresh only the lower frame and will not log you out.