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Trying to keep a high-level view of many projects? Itemize lets managers browse all lists to monitor overall progress.

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Design principles

If you find something Itemize can't do, it might not be a bug! We've found that a good process should support rather than dictate a team's work, so we built Itemize with a few key limitations:

  1. List items aren't "assigned" to anyone. We believe that task assignments should arise from a conversation among team members, not from a one-line item name on a computer screen. Itemize is designed for remembering tasks, not for assigning them.
  2. Itemize doesn't track time or provide detailed scheduling functionality. Lists in Itemize tend to be quite granular, and you would never be able to schedule every individual task accurately. We recommend creating general schedules with other tools (like our own Chronolog™ Capacity Manager) and then sending your team members to Itemize for their specific task lists.
  3. Itemize doesn't send any email reminders. We assume that everyone is doing as much work as they can, and when they're ready for more, they can check Itemize to see which task they should do next. Of course, project managers can monitor a project's process and follow up with team members directly if they are falling behind.