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Macroscope(tm) Budget Manager


Macroscope comes with free support through a moderated message board. Visit our support pages for more info.

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General tips

Now that you've learned how the core functionality works, we can suggest some general guidelines for using Macroscope:

Keep timesheets and expense reports up to date

Managers should periodically review their team's timesheets and expense reports to make sure that time and expenses are being logged consistently and promptly. Having the latest data at their fingertips helps your managers make the best possible decisions.

Use the Today popup window

If you prefer to log your hours throughout the day, click the Today button in the Macroscope toolbar to open a simplified version of your timesheet in a small window. You can then close the main Macroscope window, leaving the smaller window open for quick updates throughout the day. Just click the Save button each time you update the timesheet, just as you would save a document regularly as you work on it.

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Don't forget subcontractors!

If your team uses subcontractors for some tasks, add them to your user list and show them how to log their hours in Macroscope. This will give you a complete picture of your project costs and help estimate budgets for subcontractors in the future.