Macroscope(tm) Budget Manager
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Macroscope(tm) Budget Manager


Are you always behind on time tracking because you hate filling out timesheets? Macroscope's streamlined timesheets make it easy to stay up-to-date.

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Macroscope was designed and built by a web development firm to address some of the problems that many project teams face. We were frustrated by tedious time entry products and cumbersome project management tools. But we needed real data to support our budgeting and pricing decisions, so we built Macroscope to compare actual versus planned costs and to track profitability in real time. We liked the results so much that we decided to offer the service to the public!

Specifically, you can count on Macroscope to:

Centralize budget records

Unlike spreadsheets and other offline tools, Macroscope offers a fully web-based environment for creating project budgets. Any designated team member can contribute to budget development without worrying about version control -- and Macroscope requires no software but a web browser.

Help justify management decisions

By showing current profitability at a glance, Macroscope helps project managers decide when to go the extra mile on a project and when to start reining in costs. For teams working on a fixed budget, this data is an invaluable aid in avoiding the dreaded "scope creep."

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Provide a way to learn from previous projects

Besides informing short-term decisions about resource allocation, Macroscope offers long-term lessons by making budgets from past projects readily accessible. Managers can even use a previous project's actual hours as a template when creating a budget for a new project of similar scope.

Gather basic HR data

Once your staff are logging their hours with Macroscope, you might as well use the data to streamline a few administrative tasks. Macroscope creates employee expense reports for monthly reimbursement, includes reports for sick days, vacations, and holidays, and reveals workload imbalances without any extra paperwork.