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Macroscope(tm) Budget Manager


Don't bother passing files around -- Macroscope provides a single, central location for project budgets.

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For team members

You can help fill Macroscope with great data, without spending more than a few minutes a day on your timesheets, by following a few guidelines:

Don't get too detail-oriented

Remember that Macroscope was designed to provide a big picture view, not a minute-by-minute breakdown of a team's activity. Logging time in increments smaller than .25 hours (15 minutes) is rarely useful.

Log hours consistently across your team

If you're not sure what task to select when logging hours, check with your manager to find out what the rest of your team is doing. As long as you all use Macroscope the same way, your managers will be able to compare apples to apples when running reports.

Use the comments field

Saving comments with particular timesheet entries can be a big help if you need to revisit old timesheets, for example, to change the way some hours were logged to conform to a new accounting policy. Since timesheet comments are searchable, comments also provide a quick way to look up when a task was completed or to remind yourself where you left off with an incomplete task.

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