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Macroscope(tm) Budget Manager


Macroscope can systematize your team's budgeting process by providing a clear structure in which to work. See our best practices pages for more information.

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Change log

If you notice something different in Macroscope, or would like to find out what's new, check here for a record of recent changes applied to the application.


Updated the Actual Hours by User report in the Admin section to break down hours by category and task.


Added a year filter to the timesheet search.


Added a Preferences page, available to all users, that allows users to change their own passwords.

Added an option to the Preferences page that allows users to stop timesheets from carrying over the tasks from the previous timesheet.

Added options to the Admin > Users pages that allows administrators to reset a user's password to a random string, and to email the login information to the user.


Changed the background colors on timesheets to alternate per project rather than per row, to group tasks from the same project together. Also, added a dividing line between the tasks used on the current timesheet, and the tasks carried over from the previous timesheet.


Fixed a bug that prevented the Actual Hours By User report from displaying on the Project Dashboard.


Improved the entry of percent complete values on the timesheets: 1) the percent complete fields now only appear for planned tasks, 2) the current value now appears as soon as a user selects a project and a task, and 3) users may now select a project and task and enter a new value without logging new time to that task.

Added date range filters to the Actual Hours by User report. (This would not give meaningful results on the reports involving planned hours because planned hours are not date-specific.)

Renamed the Log Out Automatically option on the Admin > Account page to Retain Logins, and updated the description on the Account > Help page. This functionality works the same as before, but this name should make its behavior clearer.

Renamed the Admin > Resources and Admin > Internal pages to Admin > Project Logging and Admin > Internal Logging.

Removed the default task category from the Project Logging page, since this is no longer used.


Added "short name" fields to the client and project setup pages. If you set short names, they will appear instead of the full names in various lists and drop-down menus, making these lists and menus easier to read.

Removed the name entry fields next to the buttons to add new clients, projects or users. You can simply enter the name on the setup page when adding new records now.