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Macroscope(tm) Budget Manager


Don't bother passing files around -- Macroscope provides a single, central location for project budgets.

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If you need an immediate solution, check this Frequently Asked Questions list to see if your issue has already been addressed:

Q: I created a new user, but that user can't select any projects on his timesheet. How can this user log his hours?

A: When creating a user, be sure to assign that user to one or more projects. Assigning a user to a project will make the project appear on the user's timesheet.

Q: I've been logging hours to a project for months, but it has disappeared from my timesheet. What happened?

A: After a project wraps up, your project manager might set the project's status to Complete, which prevents you from logging more hours to it. If you still have hours to log after that point, you can ask your manager to change the status back to Current until all hours are logged.

Q: After filling out my timesheet, I clicked the Next Week button, and all of my hours were lost. Is Macroscope broken?

A: Any time you want to navigate to a different page, you must first save any changes using the Save button at the bottom of the current page. Unfortunately, web browsers aren't as good as desktop applications at reminding you to save your changes.

Q: Can I export my data and work with it in other programs?

A: Some pages include an Export to QuickBooks link that lets you save that page's data as a .iif file. You can then import that file into QuickBooks for tracking or invoicing.

Q: Whenever I click Refresh in my browser, Macroscope logs me out. How can I use the Refresh button?

A: In most browsers, this is normal behavior for framed sites like Macroscope. Instead of using the browser's Refresh button, use the Refresh button on the Macroscope toolbar. That will refresh only the lower frame and will not log you out.